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Silky MOHAIR,  a silk core covered with mohair. Soft and delicate, with an exquisite halo. Ideal to knit alone or together with any other of our yarns to add extra luxury and softness.

70% kid mohair / 30% silk

210 m / 25 g


2 - 5 mm

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Dyed with natural dyes

We dye the skeins by hand with natural dyes, following techniques and procedures with a low environmental impact.

Natural colors have a natural, genuine beauty. Replicating the result is basically impossible.

Each skein is unique.

We recommend buying enough to complete your project and alternating skeins every few turns if you want a more even color effect.

About Indigo

Indigo dyed fibers can fade or stain hands and needles while knitting. This is absolutely normal since some of the indigo molecules are released by friction (a clear example is with jeans). Once you wash your hands the blue stains disappear.

When mixing colors with indigo, these loose molecules do not usually fade although, as always and especially when working with highly saturated colors, we recommend knit and wash a small swatch.


Take care of your garments by washing them – when necessary – by hand with a neutral soap (natural dyes are very sensitive to pH) and dry them on a flat surface.

Some colors may vary slightly in tone over time precisely because the color is still "alive". This is the beauty of nature.

About photography

While we take great care to accurately photograph colors, tones may vary from monitor to monitor and the color photo is representative of the hue.