Natural Dyes

Our commitment to the environment leads us to work only with natural dyes and mordants extracted from plants, minerals, fruits, seeds, etc. We dye each skein by hand, following techniques and procedures with a very low environmental impact.

Natural dyeing is a way of expression through color, which gives each skein a unique character.

Our yarn represent emotions transmitted through color.

The source of natural color is alive, it is unique, so the differences in tone in the skeins are indicative also of the unique piece that you will create with them.

Defining a color is a slow and delicate process, a journey of discovery in which nature offers us its most subtle, suggestive, intense and powerful shades.

The way color develops is unpredictable and small variations in tone can occur over time, which should be considered unmistakable marks of the hand of nature.

A continuous change, slow, paused, always in evolution and movement, like life itself.

The imprint of nature will always be in the skein in a genuine way, so that you can feel it in your hands while you knit.

Each skein is unique.

And not only because of the artisan dyeing process, but also because the origin of the pigment itself. This is what really makes the alchemy of dyeing so amazing, and therefore everything you knit with our yarns.


About Indigo

Indigo-dyed fibers can fade or stain hands and needles while knitting. This is absolutely normal since some of the indigo molecules are released by friction (a clear example is with jeans).
Once you wash your hands the blue stains disappear.

When combining colors with indigo, these loose molecules do not usually fade although, as always and especially when working with highly saturated colors, we recommend knit and wash a small swatch.


The resistance to light and washing of natural dyes might not the same as that achieved with synthetic dyes, although we all know that prolonged exposure to the sun and washing wear any color. Therefore, we recommend that you wash your garments by hand, with a soap with a neutral pH, and dry them in the shade on a smooth surface.

Natural dyes are very sensitive to pH, so it is important to follow this recommendation to keep the colors unchanged. However, some pigments may vary slightly in shade over time precisely because the natural color remains "alive". This is the beauty of nature.

Also, wash your clothes only when necessary, many times simply airing them is enough for the fibers to regenerate.