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… LLAMA is a soft, delicate fiber yet strong. Compare lama with cashmere is simple inevitable.

… 100% baby llama
… 184 m | 50 gr
… fingering weight



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… Llama, a member of the camelid family, close to the alpaca. Both have two layers of hair: the outer comprises coarse guard hairs, but the inner has soft, very fine hairs,  from which our fiber comes.

We dye the skeins by hand with natural dyes, following dyeing techniques with a very low environmental impact. Natural colors have a natural, genuine beauty. Any plant from which we extract the dye contains more than a single pigment, so the dyeing process is simply magical; sometimes the resulting color pulls more towards one tone, others towards another, depending on the concentration of pigment that the plant or the color source presents. Replicating the color is basically impossible.

Each skein is unique. We recommend you to buy enough yarn to complete your project and alternate the skeins every few round if you want to achieve a more uniform color effect.

Take care of your clothes by washing them – when necessary – by hand and drying them flat. [Colors may vary from one monitor to another; the color photo is representative of the tone]