Natural Dyes

Our commitment to the environment leads us to work only with what nature provides us: natural dyes and mordants extracted from plants, minerals, barks, fruits, etc.

Each skein is hand dyed , following techniques and procedures with a very low environmental impact.

Natural colors have a natural, genuine beauty. Any plant from which we extract the dye contains more than a single pigment, so the dyeing process is simply magical; sometimes the resulting color pulls more towards one tone, others towards another, depending on the concentration of pigment that the plant or the color source presents. Replicating the result is basically impossible.

Most of our palette is composed of semi-solid colors, with subtle variations of tones (and not so subtle), sometimes with a marked worn character, from the palest, softest and neutral to the most powerful and saturated tones, as we find them in nature.

Each skein is unique.

And not only for the manual process of dyeing, but also because the plants from which we extract the dye are unique too. This is what really makes the alchemy of dyeing so amazing and, therefore, all you create with our yarns.



Each fiber absorbs the dye in a different way so the tones can vary from one base to another.

Alternate skeins every few rows when using more than one is highly recommended to achieve an overall blended effect.

In addition to the basic palette, we dye unique, unrepeatable colors, that will not be available again.

We recommend that you always buy enough skeins to finish your project.


about indigo

Indigo yarns might stain your hands and knitting needles while knitting. This is absolutely normal as some of the indigo molecules get loose through friction. This is called Crocking an a good example of this can be seen on your jeans. Once you wash of your hands the blue spots disappear.

 The loose indigo molecules will not usually stain other yarns in the same project however, as always and especially with mixing saturated colors we recommend to knit and wash a small swatch.



The resistance to light and washings of natural dyes is not the same that the one achieved with synthetic dyes. Therefore, we recommend you to wash your garments by hand, with a delicate neutral soap and let them dry in the shade on a smooth surface.

Also, wash your clothes only when necessary, just by simply airing the garment is enough for the fibers to regenerate.